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d hyde therapeutic massage fredericksburg, va


Massage is not just a luxury; it is an important part of keeping you healthy. It can be a medical treatment helping to prevent injuries by allowing your body to work at its optimum functionality. At D Hyde Therapeutic Massage, what we offer is not an average massage. It is a focused massage directed at relieving tension to promote a change in the muscles by incorporating deep tissue, Swedish, trigger point, and sports massage techniques. This integrated approach offers a massage that is both relaxing and beneficial.

Learn more about the benefits of each of our services below.


What is Reiki?

It is a spiritual healing art through the practice of transmitting healing energy through the hands. A Reiki treatment is a subtle and effective form of energy healing that heals on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

What are the benefits?

Reiki returns your body to a state of relaxation. Other potential benefits include:

​• better sleep   • pain relief   • reduced anxiety   

What to expect during a session

During a Reiki session, you can expect a Reiki practitioner to gently hold their hands close to your body. Depending on your needs, they will hold their hands in varying positions for a length of time. Each hand position will focus on a different part of the body. Sessions are typically quiet.

reiki treatments fredericksburg, va
infrared sauna fredericksburg, va


Let go of your stress and step into our meditation room. This room is designed to give you time to yourself to enjoy the healing benefits of the infrared sauna and the added benefit of Himalayan salt and chromotherapy. If you enjoy meditation or just want some extra time to relax, this is a perfect space for that. Schedule by itself or add it on after your massage for that extra me-time. 

If you have trouble meditating or would like to try it, we have guided meditations you can listen to.

What are the benefits?

Benefits of an infrared sauna:

​• relieves joint & muscle pain   • helps with arthritis   • increases circulation   • lowers blood pressure   • reduces stress


Benefits of Himalayan salt:

• helps with respiratory issues   • improves digestion   • regulates water content   • promotes better sleep   • alleviates allergies   

• enhances your mood



What is a custom massage?

A custom massage is an integrated approach to massage that incorporates multiple styles or techniques to treat a range of issues. It is designed to be a thorough, beneficial, and relaxing massage. We incorporate techniques such as deep tissue, Swedish, trigger point, and sports massage to provide you with a session tailored to your individual needs.

What are the benefits?

Therapeutic massage can be a medical treatment helping to prevent injuries by allowing your body to work at its optimum functionality. Other benefits include:

​• relieved muscle pain & tightness   • decreased inflammation   

• improved circulation   • injury prevention   • encouraged mental & physical relaxation

d hyde therapeutic massage fredericksburg, va

At D Hyde Therapeutic Massage, we spend time with our clients to understand their concerns so that each session can be tailored to their individual needs. Please get in touch by calling us at 540-702-1011, filling out our contact form, or scheduling an appointment below. We look forward to helping you heal!

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